Please note - the price you checkout with secures your allocation of the item.  Your price is locked in - meaning if the price goes up or down during the process of preorders until launch the price you paid locks you with product and the price.

As an example you buy at 139.99 and the next week the price is at 119.99 - your price is locked at the 139.99 price.  Vice versa if the price increases to 159.99 you price is locked at 139.99

Different distributors have different prices.  We adjust accordingly to what it costs us for the product and the shipping to arrive at our door.

 These items ship free like all other items on PokeCharles and will be dispatched ASAP to get as close to launch day to be on your doorstep! Pokemon does a great job of creating excitement, don't let these sets pass you by!

  • Preorders are listed with estimated ship times upon release from the distributor.  These release times may vary. 
  • There are no refunds/cancellations on Preorders.