Frequently Asked Questions


This is a Loyalty system we have started. It will allow you to get points from registering, visiting the site, and every dollar you spend will earn points. This program is free of charge to you. You can turn in your points for coupons ranging from $5 to $50 dollars. These can be used on ANY product you see on the site, including pre-order and out of print items. Just another way we can say thank you!

Here at PokeCharles we are always striving to be the go to partner for your every need. In today's Pokemon Market, there are some sets that product is heavily allocated and impossible to find. We have great relationships with our vendors, and you as our valued member of the community can take advantage of that by purchasing these pre-orders when they become available. We allow pre-orders for about 40 percent of our expected delivery so we don't have to upset anyone by cancelling or delaying.

We spend a great deal of time trying to source the best availability of products and for the most part can keep at MSRP or below. Whenever a set is heavily allocated or becomes out of print, we will follow market pricing, which can extend past MSRP. When these situations do happen, we do our best to come in under the current market rate to keep as close to MSRP as possible.

In extreme cases of shortages we will attempt to purchase in bulk at market price prior to the price soaring. This will allow us to be able to at least offer product, but is our least favorite option due to the price we will have to charge. Recent Sets that fall into this are : Hidden Fates - Champions Path - In these situations please refer to all of our social media and contact outlets for instructions and advice on market conditions.


Yes, you may cancel an order at anytime prior to it being shipped. If it is over $100 it is subject to a 3% restocking fee, as we have to pay this fee to shopify even if we cancel the order. Reach out to us, and we will work through it together.


All Items on PokeCharles Ship Free 24/7 365 Days!

We currently only ship Domestically. We may look into Canada and elsewhere into the future but currently no plans.